Meja Kitchen
Meja Kitchen
  • Single Malt Whiskies & Cocktails | IZE Hotel | Jl Kayu Ayu #68 | Oberoi Seminyak - Bali | Tel: +62 899 928 2828


Bali boasts some of Asia's best dining and entertainment establishments. Award winning chefs, international culinary brands and even mixologists are being drawn to the island to provide visitors and locals alike with unique experiences. Amidst all the action of Bali's famed "eat street" now stands the latest addition to the growing list of hip restaurants and bars, Single Malt Whiskies & Cocktails.

Like its name suggests, Single Malt is home to serious liquors from some of the world's most famous distilleries. Located at IZE Hotel Seminyak, this stylish drinking venue marries the building's modern exterior design with a Great Gatsby inspired interior complete with vintage furnishings. Oversized leather chairs, Persian rugs and decorative elements, such as old-fashioned light fixtures, are set against rustic brick walls to recreate the ambience of a bygone era. It is a space to relax and take pleasure in the fine art of drinking. For those who prefer to sit outdoors, there is also a patio area surrounded by lush greenery. The mood is totally different in this setting with slightly more modern furniture and soft pastel colors.

Drinks at Single Malt are like nothing else currently available on the island. In fact it is rare to see such an extensive list of whiskies even in urban cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Prices are extremely competitive and sometimes actually lower than many other establishments in Bali. There is a complete menu for die-hard whisky fans or for those curious about the age-old whisky drinking culture. It is set up in alphabetical order with the names of each distillery and different ages to choose from. In total there are about 60 different types of whiskies and single malts. Prices range from US$ 10 all the way up to US$ 60 and everything on the menu can be purchased by the glass. This is totally unique as not many places in Indonesia provide this kind of service, especially for rare and premium bottles. Single Malt is essentially a candy store for the adults and whisky lovers.

The cocktail section of the menu is another adventure in itself. Bespoke cocktails are created with women in mind. The sheer section of whisky-based cocktails available is a real treat for anyone who is usually a vodka drinker. The presentation and condiments such as whisky infused prunes are something that everyone will enjoy.

The team at Single Malt are taking the bar scene in Bali to a new level by providing a service that the island can really be proud of. It is a bold step but one that is proving to be worth its weight in gold. Single Malt is also available for special events such as birthday parties, corporate gatherings, charity events, post-wedding celebrations and more. This unique space can accommodate a private party for 80 up to 120 guests. Entertainment can be provided if desired. Single Malt is a casual interpretation of the New York Prohibition era and reflects good times where whisky really is the drink for one and all.

  • Meja Kitchen & Bar | IZE Hotel | Jl Kayu Ayu #68 | Oberoi Seminyak - Bali | Tel: +62 361 8466969


The MEJA experience starts the moment you turn onto fashionable Oberoi Street in the Seminyak district of south Bali. Just look for the blue on the left. Because set like a glowing opal amongst the other glittering boutiques and restos is the New MEJA KITCHEN & BAR.

With a striking, modern façade of louvered steel that embraces a Balinese Pura standing sentinel, one look at this two tiered venue and you know you are going to have a great dining experience. Even the understated neon sign is cool. With plenty of parking out back, you are not just enter this restaurant but glide into it.

Once inside, you will immediately feel at home. With its well trained and gracious staff, its soft teal and turquoise accents and murals, its open kitchen and columns of small shelves festooned with household comfort items like teacups and vintage toys, MEJA is the perfect place for a first date, a business meeting, a family gathering or a private party.

THE SINGLE MALT WHISKIES & COCKTAILS upstairs is being developed as a chic whiskey friendly bar, slated to be the new venue that offers a bird's eye view of all the action of Oberoi Street. A great place to watch the dusk fall upon the nightlife of the street while sipping the best single malts and cocktails in town!

All in all, MEJA KITCHEN & BAR BALI is an affordable one-stop shop for a dynamite dinner and an upstairs lounge experience. A great place to kick-start any adventurous evening in Bali, Meja is set to become a destination restaurant for any lovers of great food and even better memories.